Created in 2009 by Dave and Sue Chapman, Midlands Asset Finance is a financial broker that covers the entire market and supports clients in arranging funding a range of products across a variety of industry sectors...

Midlands Asset Finance has an appetite for yes.

We specialise in arranging finance for businesses, whether that’s an SME or larger enterprise, and organise tailored funding packages for things such as asset finance, lease transactions, property funding, assistance with cash-raising transactions and invoice financing.

Our personal relationships that we have built up with our wide panel of funders over the years enables us to negotiate and secure the best deals for businesses.

What makes us different?

When banks put their customers under cash flow pressure at annual reviews, or when seasonal businesses suffer from other cashflow issues, we can arrange packages to help you release some capital or restructure your debt onto longer-term facilities.

We also arrange funding for property, residential and commercial development schemes, alongside commercial investment loans and residential mortgages.

Our ‘appetite for yes’ flows throughout our business. We look at every asset, no matter how big or small, and do our very best to get you the best finance deal that you are looking for.


We arrange funding for all aspects of asset finance and leasing in:

  • Agriculture Finance
  • Bus & Coach Finance
  • Business Vehicle Finance
  • Construction Finance
  • Engineering Finance
  • Haulage Finance
  • Healthcare Finance
  • IT Finance
  • Property Finance
  • Manufacturing Finance

Meet the Directors

Sue Chapman & Dave Chapman

“One of the unique selling points for Midlands Asset Finance is the fact that Dave and I both have backgrounds in senior roles within the financial industry.

I was the senior director of asset finance at Lombard and Dave was a director at the Bank of Ireland and previous head of business development, East and West Midlands, at the Royal Bank of Scotland for 27 years.

Working for a bank was exciting but restricting because we had to say we couldn’t support a customer on far too many occasions – imagine how frustrating that is!

With Midlands Asset Finance playing on a bigger field with a much wider range of banks – particularly the new challenger banks – it has been such a rewarding experience.

Becoming a partner to these banks has been enlightening and now we genuinely can think and work outside of the box!

We’ve been able to help so many more people and businesses than we could before and have met the most amazing people at all levels along the way.

As a team of highly-experienced bankers and asset financiers, all of us have a ‘can do’ and ‘will do’ attitude and are all passionate about what we do here.

On behalf of all at Midlands Asset Finance, I hope you enjoy working with us.

Sue Chapman

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