Refinancing is a way of consolidating debt, by rolling
a number of debts into one or by changing one loan for another.


We can look at refinancing single assets or a whole group, and may
be able to extend the term so your cashflow is still manageable,
and release a sum of cash into your bank account.



Sale and Lease Back


If you bought your asset no more than 90 days ago, you can sell
it back to a funder and then lease it from them.


By selling your asset back to a funder, you will receive a lump
sum back into your business’s cashflow.


You will then lease the asset for an agreed period of time, making
monthly repayments.


Sale and HP Back


Just like a Sale and Lease Back transaction, a Sale and HP Back
lets you sell the asset you own back to a funder.


However, instead of leasing the asset back from them, you will take
out a Hire Purchase


By selling the asset to the funder, you will receive extra cash into
your cashflow, and make monthly repayments for the

asset under the new Hire Purchase agreement.


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