Existing debt can be a problem for businesses.


Refinancing is a way of consolidating this debt, whether that’s by
combining a number of debts into one or by changing one loan
for another.


If your asset(s) is older than three months, we can arrange to
refinance it to release cash for your business needs.


We can look at refinancing a whole group of assets and we may
be able to extend the term so cashflow is still manageable,
whilst also releasing a sum of cash into your bank account.


As specialists in refinance transactions, we can provide you with a quote, arrange a desktop valuation of your assets and provide you with a decision in principle in a very short space of time.


Contact one of our specialist advisers for more information and they will be able to talk you through the next steps or answer any questions that you may have.


Our key refinancing features:


  • Release cash for additional working capital
  • Restructure debt to reduce monthly outgoings
  • Release funds for expansion
  • Assist with the acquisition of a new business
  • Obtain deposits for commercial property or new asset purchases


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Sale and Lease Back

If you have purchased the asset no more than 90 days ago (from cashflow),
we can undertake a Sale and Leaseback transaction where you
transfer the ownership of your existing asset(s) from to a funder.


You then continue to use the asset whilst Leasing it from the new
funder, entering into a new agreement to pay a monthly repayment.


Sale and HP Back


In a similar fashion to a Sale and Lease Back, this option allows you to
sell the asset that you’ve recently purchased to a funder, and we would
then arrange finance for you to pay over a period of time.


The money that was used to buy the asset in the first place can be put
back into the business, freeing up capital to do what you need to with.


Like a normal  HP agreement, you continue using the asset whilst you
make monthly repayments, and once you have finished repaying, it
will transfer ownership to you.

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