Maintenance Management

Service, maintenance and repairs solutions for all fleets...

How can we help your business?

Keeping your vehicles well-maintained will improve your fleet’s overall efficiency and effectiveness, helping reduce downtime and saving time and money for your business.

Our experienced fleet team will ensure that your maintenance standards are high, costs are controlled and administration tasks are completed to remain legally compliant.

This maintenance management solution is designed to provide you with a comprehensive back-up for all of your fleets’ in-life services, maintenance and repair requirements and we understand that no two businesses are the same, being agile enough to be able to tailor our services to meet with your business’s exact requirements.


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Maintenance management breakdown...

Direct Driver Communication: All communications are dealt with by a member of the team, who provide all required services in accordance with agreed parameters.

Servicing, maintenance and repair: Our national network of approved garages, allows businesses to improve cash flow, not pay upfront for services and take the financial benefits of unbundling the service from their finance agreement.

Cost control:We offer fixed prices for the same job on the same vehicle anywhere in the UK, applying to 75% of all vehicle predicted service and maintenance requirements. Prices are guaranteed and fixed for a minimum of a year.

Billing process: We operate a VAT-approved, self-billing invoice payment process which delivers absolute expenditure control, provides full transparency and complies with all audit requirements.

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