How we can help during the COVID-19 pandemic...

How can we help your business?

It may take a while for help via the government’s Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS) to be approved/paid out via the banks and you will also need to check with your bank that you qualify under their criteria.

If you are looking for a cash injection in the meantime, we have helped several businesses release cash or restructure their existing debt by refinancing – whether that’s cars, vans and commercial vehicles or plant, equipment and machinery.

We will look to extend the term to keep repayments as low as possible whilst releasing further cash to inject into your business, and can look at finance as low as £20k upwards with no limit.

Depending on the loan-to-value, we can also look at step-up payments or releasing cash against unencumbered assets.

You can contact us to chat through your financial situation on 0115 958 6872, email or fill an enquiry form here.

Our team is standing by to help businesses during this difficult time and are here to help you and take the strain off so you can focus on running your business.

Information we require to process your application...

  1. Copies of original supplier invoices detailing date of purchase, the model and specification of the assets, their age and the original purchase price.
  2. Current mileage for vehicles or hours worked for plant and machinery.

Please also note:

We can fund assets which are currently on finance. We just need a settlement figure later from the funder to settle the debt.

If an asset has been funded previously, we will require a copy of the previous Hire Purchase agreement to prove title.

As part of our credit process, we will need an HP Debt Repayment Schedule from you. 

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