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Our vehicle risk management programme promotes a safety-first culture for all drivers and helps you and your drivers meet regulations when travelling for business purposes.

Using our robust driver assessment and training programme will help you monitor driver behaviour and driving style, highlighting real-time events, such as speeding and excessive acceleration.

You will be able to mitigate exposure by identifying higher risk drivers hour by hour, allowing you to develop individual engagement plans for each driver, whilst promoting and recognising positive driver behaviour.

The greatest influence on fleet operating costs is the way a vehicle is driven. By improving its performance and safety, fleet cost will reduce. Our programme encourages better driving styles and a reduction in stress levels, resulting in measurable vehicle and driver cost benefits.

Under our risk management programme, we will ensure that your drivers continue to meet legal requirements when driving for business purposes. We understand the important of health and safety and this helps your business to demonstrate its commitment to regulations, with criteria such as driver wellbeing, licence checking and business insurance validation being reviewed regularly.

This continuous measurement of driver, vehicle and journey data is presented using configurable dashboards and management reports to suit your needs, helping deliver on all agreed objectives, keeping your fleet safe, compliant and manageable.

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